Questions To Ask Wedding DJ

Looking for a DJ? It is so important to know what questions to ask wedding DJ, while interviewing potential vendors for your big day!

You want a DJ who is professional, outgoing, reliable, and well spoken, as well as knowledgeable about music! Those are a lot of traits to put together, and many DJs have some, but not all of them!

In Vermont, expert Grant Allendorf, owner of Supersounds Entertainment, provides an in-depth article entitled 10 Questions You Should Ask A Wedding DJ Before You Hire One We encourage you to read this article, but have provided a summary of questions here that will help you determine a DJ who will make your wedding day unforgettable!

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

  • How many weddings have you played at in your career? Over 50, is a good number.
  • What are your methods for getting people on the dancefloor? You want experience to kick your reception into high gear!
  • Can I not only speak with my DJ, but also see video of them in action? Demo videos allow you to listen to the DJs announcements and introductions to see if you would want them at your wedding. All professional DJs should have demo videos.
  • How many reviews do you have on google and weddingwire? A large number of reviews shows they value their reputation to get the reviews, and also they have performed a lot of events and have experience.
  • Why should I hire you as my DJ? What sets you apart from other DJs? A professional DJ will have an instant answer, or a few different answers to this!
  • What equipment do you use? Professional high end equipment indicates a professional DJ.
  • What is your backup plan if you are unable to DJ my wedding? A professional DJ or company should have DJs available to make your event happen in the event of an emergency. No excuses.

Thank you for reading and we hope this helps you find the best DJ to make your day incredible! Congratulations!!!!